Police Hold Parent Summit in Virginia

Parents Recieve Tips On How To Deal With Social Media And Drugs

Virginia, Minn

Parents are raising kids in uncharted territory, as social media is making it easier for kids to get access to drugs.

Community leaders in Virginia are hoping to help parents raise their children by filling them on some valuable information they need to know.

Drugs and social media go hand in hand, it’s easier and faster to get to access to drugs and they’re falling into younger and younger hands.

“Users, anywhere from I’ve seen as low as 4th grade and up. It’s really depressing when that happens and it just goes to show that nobody is really immune to it, it can happen anywhere at any time,” said Sgt. Jonathan Benz with Virginia Police Dpt.

When it comes to social media kids can be an easy target.

“Kids are very curious, they can get in to trouble quickly without really realizing the consequences or realizing the risk that was involved,” said Benz.

On the internet mistakes can live forever.

“You talk about instant information and once it’s there it’s there, you can really damage somebody really fast,” said Benz.

Officials say it’s important for parents to communicate with their children.

“The biggest thing is communication, yeah it may be a sensitive topic like a lot of topics are when you’re a parent and educating children on things, but you have to communicate,” said Benz.

If you’re not able to get through to your child at home, reach out for help.

“The school cant educate everything, the police department cant educate everything so if we kind of all join together and have an angle at every side and we kind of build that triangle, school, police and parent we can be ready to help the kids,” said Benz.

Police say you only get one chance be proactive and take the steps necessary to protect your child.

“There are a lot of things communities can do to reduce the likelihood that their child is going to run in to problems,” said Superintendent Noel Schmidt.

The experts also say as a family, there has to be time to unplug.

A few tips given to parents are to have your child charge their device in their bedroom and to use the basket technique during family time. They say everyone should place their phones in the basket and put them on silent.

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