Superior Fire Department Teaches First Aid to Area Middle School Students

Students Enjoy Day of Learning New Skills

SUPERIOR, Wis.-Superior fire fighters gathered today to teach the city’s seventh graders all about their craft.

The fire department hosted four classes at Superior Middle School including ones relating to CPR, first aid, AED’s, along with the basics for fire fighting.

The event is part of the state Assembly Bill 545 which makes it mandatory for school districts to introduce life saving techniques.

“We want them to get excited about it,” said Scott Gordon, battalion chief for the Superior Fire Department. “Nobody wants to do CPR. If somebody is doing CPR using first aid or an AED, something bad has happened, but we all know heart attacks happen and the way we save people’s lives is we start doing CPR immediately and we are teaching hands only CPR. That’s going to save someone’s life.”

Many of the students also involved in the program also understood the importance of the event.

“It’s good to experience some things to know later on can save lives sometimes, if someone is doing that,” said seventh grader Tatum Williams.

Fire department representatives said they have been planning out the event for a year, and it could serve as a template for other school districts to follow.

A total of 360 seventh graders took part in the event.



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