Denfeld Girl’s Basketball Investing in the Future

Slavation Army Rookie Basktball Players Join Special Practice

Its been a long time since freshman forward Elizabeth Emmel first learned how to play basketball, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten the excitement of first learning her favorite sport.

Emmel says, “Scoring your 1st basket during a game and then having my parents and friends go and watch your games is a lot of fun.”

Now along with her teammates and coaches, Emmel is passing her love of the game along to younger girls playing for the Salvation Army Rookie basketball association.

Emmel explains, “Knowing when to be fun and when to be focused, but if you know when to do that you can have a really good happy medium of practice.”

Rookie Basketball Association Coordinator Kristin Mallet says, “Basketball is a lot of fun in elementary school, it’s a lot of fun in varsity. If you start in elementary school and you really love it and you want to keep going this is where you can end up and what we want then to understand is this is who your coaches would be, and these are whop your teammates would be and these are the colors.”

Emmel adds, “That would be amazing, to have more girls playing basketball and enjoying it too.”

Stepping into an important role as a mentor.

Emmel says, “We don’t have a lot of girls playing basketball here we have 23 for the whole team and I’m just glad there are girls that are still interested in playing basketball and hopefully they’ll keep playing and come play high school and we can be even better than we are now.”

And showing that with a little hard work and dedication they too can hang with the Hunters.

Emmal says, “People told us that we weren’t going to have a basketball team but here we are we have a basketball team and we’re here ready to play.”

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