Lott Getting Comfortable on the Ice

This week's Northern Star is Duluth East Junior Gabi Lott

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth East Junior Gabi Lott has been skating for over a decade.

“When I was about four -years-old my parents signed me up for the learn to skate program and my dad kind of had in his head that I would do hockey,” said Lott.

But just playing a sport wasn’t enough for Lott, she wanted to look good doing it.

“I think I was probably five or six and I told my parents I want to figure skate I don’t really want to play hockey,” said Lott. “I’ve always been into doing your hair and putting on the skating dress.”

Looks are only part of figure skating, the other part is the moves and Lott has them.

“I’m learning to land my double lutz… right now,” said Lotts.

If figure skating wasn’t hard enough, two judges are watching the entire time.

“I always just tell myself that they really don’t matter, you know it doesn’t matter who’s watching you… just go out there and show them what you know you can do,” said Lotts.

That philosophy keeps Lotts learning new things and getting up from every fall with grace.

“There’s challenges every day, you fall on that jump a lot of times she’s getting up and she’s keeping going,” said Coach Heather Seyfer.


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