Northwind Book & Fiber

Knowing Your Neighbor


SPOONER, Wis. –  Picture it now staying in a lakeside cabin, feet up, sitting by a nice fire snuggled up with a favorite blanket reading a book with not a care in the world.

That’s exactly the scenario that Carol Dunn lives for to keep her book store thriving.

“Book stores across the country right now are seeing a renaissance, so I think possibly more are opening than are closing.” Says Owner Carol Dunn

If you stop by the store you’ll find more than just books.

“Northwind Book and Fiber is an independent book store primarily, but also a full yarn shop,” says Dunn.

And that’s not everything; she also has a gallery full of work by local artists and a complete line of toys and board games that are a big hit during the summer

“I think the board games are very popular with the summer people at their cabins,” says Dunn.

Customers keep coming for that small town hospitality.

“That’s what they’re looking for; they’re looking for that kind of customer service, personal touch not an algorithm from a computer,” says Dunn.

And Carol makes sure she fills the needs of her customers.

“Anytime a customer recommends a game to me I generally try to get it in, that’s the best way to find the good games,” says Dunn.

With so much to offer, business is as good as ever.

“It’s as good as it’s been for quit a long time, In terms of the storm fronts being full and having a really great diversity for,” says Dunn.

Northwind Book and Fiber can be found on Walnut Street in Spooner.

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