Minnesotans Encouraged to Swap Older Stoves

Project Stove Swap Offers Homeowners an Incentive to Replace Wood-Burning Stoves

DULUTH, Minn. – You’ve likely heard of “Cash for Clunkers”; well, there’s now a similar program for wood–burning stoves.

Project Stove Swap gives Northern Minnesotans an incentive to replace their older, inefficient wood–burning stoves with a newer more environmentally friendly model.

The project is a partnership between Minnesota Power and the non–profit Environmental Initiative.  Organizers say swapping out an old stove does more than save homeowners money.

“This is one of the really astounding opportunities for Minnesotans to make a difference for our environment and for our air quality,” said Mike Harley, Excutive Director for Environmental Initiative.  “If you are able to change one older wood burning stove for a newer wood burning stove, the equivalent in pollution production would be like taking 700 cars off the road a year.”

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