Animal Answers: Friends of Animals Saves Texas Dogs

Friends of Animals Humane Society Recently Became Home to Nine New Dogs; Eight from Texas Shelters

CLOQUET, Minn. – Friends of Animals Humane Society in Cloquet recently received a big delivery after rescuing dogs from shelters across the country. Eight of these pups traveled all the way from Texas.

“I meet with all of them, we get to know them. I sit and take pictures and get to know their personalities,” said Katy Goodman with Friends of Animals Humane Society.

With vocal barks and big-eyed blinks, new fairy ‘tails’ are written for each one of these dapper dogs.

“I write their biographies, and get them ready to go online,” said Goodman.

“We kind of noticed an issue at our shelter. Our number of available adoptable dogs was down to only two,” said Executive Director Kimberly Parmeter. “We needed to find some more dogs.”

Recently, the shelter reached out to an independent animal rescue. Eventually, FOA came into contact with a shelter down south.

Goodman remembers making the Texas shelter connection a few months ago.

“The shelter from Texas contacted us, and asked us if we would ever be willing to transport dogs from the area that are either in high-kill shelters or rural shelters that don’t get the exposure that we do,” said Goodman.

The new furry Northlanders have spent the last few days catching up on vaccinations and getting routine checkups.

“A lot of these dogs have just spent their whole lives in these shelters,” said Goodman.

“The population in kennels is dropping a bit nationally,” said Parmeter.

She says pet owners are being more responsible by properly securing their animals and having them spayed or neutered. The Social Media Effect is also combating in the effort to find animals a new beginning.

“Our low dog population number seems to be systemic of this national education awareness,” said Parmeter.

For now, awareness will continue to turn into success stories.

“These dogs didn’t cost our community anything to transport,” said Goodman.

A cost effective alternative in the Northland, leading to a new chance at life.

“We’re doing them a huge favor by taking these dogs in to give them a chance at their forever homes in a different environment.”

The nine dogs are ready for adoption. For more information regarding Friends of Animals Humane Society, click here.

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