Governor Dayton Visits Mayo Clinic Regarding Cancer Diagnosis

Dayton announced his diagnosis after collapsing during his State of the State address

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, Governor Mark Dayton visited the Mayo Clinic for his scheduled appointments regarding his recent diagnosis of prostate cancer.

“Governor Mark Dayton’s prostate cancer was caught early and is localized, treatable, and curable,” Mayo Clinic spokesperson, Karl Oestreich stated. “His Mayo Clinic physicians have discussed several treatment options with the Governor and he is in the process of making his decision. The Governor should be able to carry on his duties serving the citizens of Minnesota without significant interruption.”

Dayton’s Chief of Staff, Linden Zakula said that his diagnostic tests gave no signs that his cancer has spread beyond the prostate.

“Governor Dayton is now evaluating two recommended treatment options, which are surgery or radiation. He expects to make that decision in several days, and it will be disclosed at that time,” informed Zakula.


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