Nearly Naked Ruck March Supports Local Veterans

23rd Veteran Aims to Help Veterans Transition to Civilian Life

DULUTH, Minn. – The Second Annual Nearly Naked Ruck March is just around the corner.

The 10 mile hike raises money for 23rd Veteran, an organization helping military veterans transition back into civilian life.

23rd Veteran helps recondition the veterans brains for the civilian world through the program called 23V RECON.

“In the military they train us for four years how to have this successful military mindset and be successful in combat, but that often leads to a mindset that’s unsuccessful in the civilian world,” said Mike Waldron, Executive Director of 23rd Veteran.

Waldron says it’s all about supporting on another.

“The idea is that the military carried this weight for us while they’re in the military, so now it’s our turn to carry our weight for them,” continued Waldron.

The Nearly Naked Ruck March is Saturday, February 25 on the Duluth Lakewalk.

For more information on 23rd Veteran, or to sign up for the walk, head to

If you can’t participate, but would like to donate, click here for their Go Fund Me Page.

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