Firefighters Battle More Than Blazes

Hypothermia is a Big Problem in Winter Fire Fighting

SUPERIOR, Wis.- More Heating and electrical appliances can mean more fires in homes across the Northland.

When firefighters battle blazes in the wintertime, they may be in an environment like a burning house that can be more than 300 degrees, and within minutes come back outside to subzero temperatures. This contrast in temperature can cause hypothermia. To combat this, fire departments use heated rehab vehicles to keep their fire fighters warm.

“It has heat and air conditioning, so we try to get that there to a fire if we have a fire we’re going to be at for a long time or a  while here in the winter,” says Arthur Gil de Lamadrid, the Lead Fire Inspector at the Superior Fire Department.

Fire Fighters say another thing to be careful of during the winter besides fire, is carbon monoxide poisoning, and stress the importance of getting a detector to fight the silent killer.

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