The Greyhounds Fab Five

Duluth East Seniors Transform Final Season

This boy’s basketball season at Duluth East started off like any other, with high hopes and high expectations. However, sweet dreams soon turned sour as the start of the Greyhounds season took a bad bounce with the team winning just 1 of their first 7 games.

Greyhounds Senior Forward Malique Goulet comments, “It was a little discouraging at first, not having everyone healthy, having a few people out for sickness and stuff.”

Senior Guard Jack Thompson says, “It was obviously kind of a bummer to start off that way senior year but it’s a long season.”

Senior Guard Ty Seymour adds, “No one blamed anybody, nobody pointing fingers, we all knew that if we wanted to win we had to work together.”

That’s when the teams seniors decided it was time for a change.

Senior Guard Jalen Vatthauer says, “We realized that, this isn’t going to go away, we have to kick it in gear and we have to get our stuff together. We kind of just had to figure it out ourselves and just man up, then we started getting things together.”

Determined to alter the course of their final season as Greyhounds.

Seymour says, “We might not always be as talented as them, but we’re going to be the harder working team.”

The seasons turning point came in a 53–52 overtime win against Andover.

Goulet comments, “There’s a lot of those kids who think they’re better than us so we decided we need to take it to them, we decided it was time to turn it around, what a better time than the Christmas tournament.”

Seymour adds, “We stuck to the game plan right from the start, take away their big 3 and it was just up from there.”

Thompson says, “The game after we actually beat Cambridge which is another section win so we just kind of got momentum going.”

Since then they haven’t looked back the Hounds have found their stride, winning 10 of their last 13.

Vatthauer says, “I think we feel a lot more confident we’re playing a lot more aggressive because we understand what we can do and how good we’re going to be and how much we can still progress even though we’re not where we want to be yet.”

Senior Center Cody Carlson adds, “Just going to practice every day, we’re all brothers and what we go through every day, the challenges we face. It’s a tight knit group.”

Over all East is 11 and 9 and controls their destiny heading forward.

Carlson says, “Section championship, that’s all we’re thinking right now.”

Goulet adds, “In the last 7 years there hasn’t been a section championship so it would be nice to be going down to state.”

Vatthauer comments, “We have to win section games first to get there.”

Thompson says, “I’ve been playing basketball all my life and a section championship would sum it up perfectly.”

With so much adversity already over come this season the Hounds say bring it on.

Goulet says, “Basically saying that we can get through anything, as long as everyone is healthy we’re a solid team.”

Vatthauer finishes, “We’re a pretty good team, so I don’t think anything can phase us right now.”

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