How Local Hospitals React When a Shooting Occurs

Hospitals work with law enforcement to determine if a lockdown is necessary when they admit shooting victims.

DULUTH, Minn. – In light of the recent shootings, some areas have had to go into lockdowns when victims arrive at their facilities.

St. Luke’s in Duluth has four different types of lockdowns that they can go into depending upon the situation. They work with law enforcement and measure the severity of the threat.

Many areas are already restricted and a lockdown brings another level of security.

“The people who are coming here have enough on their minds already and we have a great responsibility to keep patients and families safe and the last thing they need to worry about is things outside, beyond their control. We take a great sense of need to do that ourselves that when you come here, you are safe,” said St. Luke’s security manager Michael Mock.

Both St. Luke’s and Essentia stated that even during a lockdown, they will take patients in and serve their needs.


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