Proctor Referendum Vote Coming Soon

The referendum would pay for a new hockey arena and a multi-functional artificial turf field.

PROCTOR, Minn. – The Proctor Rails hockey teams currently play in an arena that is forty-five years old and in need of repair. However, they could play in a new arena next year if a referendum passes.

If Proctor voters pass the referendum on February 7th, the funding would go towards building a new hockey arena and a multi-functional artificial turf field. The turf field would be used for the school’s football, baseball, softball, and lacrosse teams.

School officials said the project is needed for their students and their spectators. “Yeah you can play on any sheet of ice, but this one really needs a lot of work. It just gives our kids an opportunity to reach their potential,” said boys hockey coach Dan Stauber. ”

“My mom will come, she will come for maybe two periods because it’s so cold. She hates standing out here. My grandma is always upstairs. She has her designated spot you could say. One person sat there and she had to kick them out because this is always my spot when I’m watching my grandson play his senior year. I need this spot because she has no other spot to see,” said Reid Morin, a senior on the boys hockey team.

According to school officials, property taxes would pay for the referendum. If someone who owns a $150,000 home, they could expect to see an increase of $47 a year.


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