UMD Students Create Backyard Curling Sheet

Mixing Bowls With Cement Become Stones

[gtxvideo vid=’VFdapB1j’ thumb=’’ vtitle=’UMD Students Create Backyard Curling Sheet’]

Some college students from UMD like the sport of curling so much, they decided to bring the fun to their backyard.

Earlier this winter, Jared Vincent and Brent Lewis got to work, leveling out their back yard with truck loads of snow. They hosed down the patch of land their home on Woodland Avenue, and before long, they had an ice sheet perfect for some make-shift backyard curling.

They added in some mixing bowls full of cement to use as stones, and a regular old broom.

Now they can get in a game anytime they want. They invite anyone who wants to come over and play with them.

Players do have to sign a waiver before they can step out on to the slippery ice.

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