Emergency Personnel Deal with Snowy Conditions

Fire trucks come with chains and other safety devices to get them to emergencies quickly and safely when it snows.

DULUTH, Minn. – First responders not only have traffic to deal with when heading to an emergency, but they also have to deal with less than ideal conditions when the weather gets bad.

The Duluth Fire Department said that snowy roadways mixed in with Duluth’s hills and unique terrain bring some challenges.

Their trucks do come with automatic chains and manual ones for the back wheels. Even with the extra equipment, firefighters rely and fall back on their training in adverse weather.

“If we don’t get there because of an accident, we’re not going to do any good at the emergency call. So everyone’s trained really well and they step back, take it easy, think about the situation and drive carefully and we’ll get there,” said assistant fire chief Chris Martinson.

In extreme cases, the fire department has walked to emergencies, used snowmobiles, and have even followed a plow to a rescue.


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