Cold Morning, Overnight Snow

A high pressure brought cold temperatures to the Northland both yesterday and today. We had winds blowing in from the west and northwest in the last 48 hours that brought wind chills into the -20s to the -30s. Actual temperatures were the coldest this morning in Northeast Minnesota where the greatest impact of the cold air was observed.

We will be moderating the weather pattern for the weekend though as a warm front moves through. With that warm front however is a return for some snowfall. Snow will accumulate tonight along and north of Highway 2. The highest snowfall totals will be along the Borderlands and the Arrowhead. 1-3 inches are likely for those areas. Farther south, only a dusting to an inch of snow is expected.

A high pressure has kept the dry air in place for most of the Northland so must of the snowfall south of Highway 2 will evaporate before reaching the surface.

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