Neighbors Lend a Hand in Time of Need

Family Who Lost Their Home Welcomed by Neighborhood

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Rhonda Manthey was coming home from dinner when she saw fire trucks in her neighborhood.

“There was smoke coming out and I couldn’t determine who’s house it was,” said Manthey.  “I came right around and it’s Bob’s house.  Oh my gosh.”

Bob is Bob Moniasque, who lived two doors down on Ogden Ave.

“Bob cuts our lawn, he shovels our walks,” said Manthey of her neighbor.  “Everybody needs a Bob in their life.”

Seeing a neighbor in need, Manthey didn’t think twice before opening her home.

“What do you do? You hold them, you talk to them, you walk through it,” said Manthey.

Other neighbors also chipped in and the American Red Cross was there to help in a stressful situation.

“Not so much a physical stress, it’s a mental stress,” said Tony Guerra, Disaster Program Manager of the Northland and North Star chapters of the Red Cross. “Sitting down, meeting with people who lost everything, there’s a little empathy that goes back and forth.”

Manthey was impressed by the Red Cross response.

“That’s awesome, seeing the Red Cross at work,” said Manthey.  “I’ve never seen that before, I thought that was pretty awesome.”

The Moniasque family needs a new home, but they’ll always have neighbors on Ogden, neighbors like Rhonda Manthey.

“It’s hard to see through all of this when you see your house go and everything else, but all of a sudden you realize it’s life that’s most important,” she said.

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