Oldest American, Adele Dunlap, Dies at Age 114

(Photo courtesy Country Arch Care Center)

FLEMINGTON, N.J. (AP) – A New Jersey woman who was the oldest American person has died at age 114.

Martin Funeral Home says Adele Dunlap died Sunday at a hospital near Flemington.

Dunlap had no explanation for her longevity. Asked last year how it felt to be the oldest American, she said she didn’t feel “any different.” Her son says Dunlap never went out jogging and that she ate “anything she wanted.”

Dunlap was born on December 12, 1902, in Newark, though she often gave a younger age when asked how old she was.

Dunlap taught school before marrying and raising her three children. Her husband worked for an insurance company and died in 1963.

A group that tracks long-living people says the oldest known person living in the U.S. is now 113-year-old Delphine Gibson, of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.

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