A Long Road To The Ring

Aging Boxers Prepare For First Amatuer Fight Saturday Night

DULUTH, Minn- John D’Auria is no stranger to the boxing community. He’s been around the sport all his life doing everything from photography to coaching.

D’Auria says, “Believe it or not I actually got into a fight in school with a guy that was a amateur boxer, and I had no knowledge of it, I was kind of cocky and thought I would beat him with my karate and he knocked me down with a 3 piece, ever since then I went home, started watching boxing and I thought to myself I’m not getting beat by a boxer again.”

Coming up this weekend he’ll get a chance to test his own boxing skills as he steps into the ring for his first amateur fight at the age of 46.

D’Auria says, “Honestly, these last 3 weeks, I don’t believe that I’m going to go through anything in that fight that I haven’t already gone through. I’ve been knocked out, I’ve had a bloody nose, bloody lip, and as you can see I have a black eye from my last sparing session.”

Here’s the catch, his opponent, Scott Olson, is 52 and also stepping in the ring for the first time.

D’Auria says, “When he was asked if he wanted to fight he agreed that he did want to fight, and when he found out I needed an opponent they asked him and he was like sure why not?”

Long past the potential of professional careers, John and Scott are simply excited for a stage to show their grit and live out their dreams of gloves and glory.

D’Auria says, “I mean yeah, do I want to win? Of course I want to win, but I honestly believe that once both of us step through the ropes Saturday, we’ve both won, because we both accomplished a goal and a dream so no matter what the outcome is win or lose between the both of us, we already won because we’ve both done something a lot of people can’t do.” The best possible tim e

As for a rivalry, Scott and John say this one and done, is all in good fun.

D’Auria says, “This isn’t just all about beating people up man, kids can really learn from this sport and I really encourage parents to bring their kids in and at least check out the gyms.”

For those who want to see John and Scott in action they’ll be part of a local card this Saturday at The Encounter Center in Duluth, doors open at 6:30PM fights begin at 7:30PM.

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