River Gala Held Tonight

St. Louis River Alliance Celebrates 21 Years

Duluth, Minn

The St. Louis River Alliance held a gala tonight to celebrate 21 years of work on the river after it was deemed an area of concern after years of dumping uncontrolled pollution in 1987.

The alliance was formed as a nonprofit organization in 1996 to oversee the activities and practices that are helping to restore the St. Louis River.

The alliance says that with a busy shipping industry and many industrial companies occupying the water’s edge.

Clean water is essential for any community’s survival.

“We can’t have a community without clean water and it’s a very delicate balance here in the harbor. We have a very busy industrial shipping harbor but were learning as we go how to do things the right way so we’re not contaminating the water,” Says St. Louis River Alliance Executive Director Kris Eilers.

The annual gala was held at Clyde Iron Works and featured a silent auction food and entertainment.

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