Minnesota Slip Clean-Up Plans

The contaminated sediment of the Minnesota Slip will be capped.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has announced that the contaminated Minnesota Slip will be dredged and capped.

Nearly 37,000 cubic yards of sediment are contaminated where the William A Irvin is docked.

The toxins located in the sediment are at high enough levels that they could affect the bugs and fish that live there. However, the contaminated sediments pose no risk to humans.

“The contaminants are staying there in place, they’re not degrading on their own and so we felt for a long time we need to do something about this,” said Heidi Bauman, project manager.

The project could begin as early as 2018 if funding is secured. The agency said it’s working with the city and other property owners to determine the best time that works for all parties involved.


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