East Hillside Neighbors On Edge After Homicide

City officials met with Duluth residents to help answer questions about the shooting investigation

DULUTH, Minn. – While family and friends of Will Grahek are mourning, people in the East Hillside neighborhood, where the shooting occurred, are a bit on edge with a shooter on the loose.

Neighbors say they’ve occasionally had their cars broken into, but nothing like a fatal shooting and officers on the streets with rifles out. They hope it’s an isolated incident and that an arrest is made soon.

“We want to be safe,” said Linda Breimon, who has lived in her East Hillside home for 35 years. “I’ve always felt safe in living here in this neighborhood, until now.”

“It’s a bit of a shock to see it happen so close to you,” said Colin Murphy, who lives behind the home where Grahek was killed. “You never think of it being you, when it very easily could have been. It was so close [to where we live].”

Meanwhile, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson’s monthly listening session happened to be just down the street from the shooting on East 11th Street.

The Duluth Police Department, Fire Department and 3rd District Councilor Em Westerlund, were all on hand to address questions and concerns from people living in the East Hillside.

Westerlund says she understands the fear out there right now, but she’s hoping people will trust the work of local law enforcement to bring the shooter to justice.

“It’s still kind of a scary and shocking feeling to hear it’s in your neighborhood or it’s nearby,” said Westerlund. “But I have a lot of faith in our law enforcement as they’re doing these investigations and following up. They’re making sure people are being held accountable.”

Duluth Police officers ensured neighbors that the department is actively following up on leads during this active investigation.

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