Educating Teens on Dating Violence

High School Students Learn What a Healthy Relationship Looks Like

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Dating violence isn’t something just affecting adults, Northland teens are also dealing with those scary situations.

Today, the Council on Child Protection talked with Superior High School students to kick off teen dating violence awareness month.

The hope is to educate these young daters about what a healthy relationship looks like.

“The ones that do sometimes don’t even recognize that they have personal experience with it and that’s why the education part is so important,” explained Nicole Nemec, Children’s Program Coordinator for CASDA.

One student tells us it’s something she sees on a regular basis.

“I see a lot of it happening in the hallways, a lot of teen dating violence happening in the hallways. It doesn’t have to be the physical part of it, but just like the emotional and verbal part of it. That’s just like kind of sad for me to see,” said Kearra Thimm, Superior High School Student Council Vice President.

This isn’t the only event being held this month.

The council is holding a “Hearts on Your Sleeve Campaign” event later this month and will also meet with the senior class in March.

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