New DNR Estimates Show Wisconsin Hunters Took More Deer in 2016

MADISON (AP) – Updated data from the state Department of Natural Resources shows hunters killed about 4,280 more deer during this past nine-day gun season than they did in 2015.

Preliminary estimates after the season ended in November put the kill total at 196,785, down from 198,057 in 2015. Updated figures the DNR released February 7 show hunters took 202,338 deer during the season.

DNR officials said when the season closed that they still hoped the kill total might match 2015 as hunters who missed the deadline for registering their animals reported in. They didn’t immediately respond to an email Wednesday afternoon.

The number of gun deer licenses sold in 2016 didn’t change from data the agency released immediately after the nine-day season. Hunters purchased 598,867 licenses, down from 612,377 in 2015.

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