New Task Force Helps Fight Drugs and Violence

It's a Merge of 2 Task Forces in the Northland


DULUTH, Minn.- The Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force merged with the Boundary Waters Drug Task Force to Form the New Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force.

The new task force will be fighting violent crimes and drugs in St. Louis County, Lake County, Carlton County, all of Minnesota, and Douglas county of Wisconsin. By merging, the task force benefits in areas like intelligence collection, sharing resources, and their eligibility for current and future federal and state funding increasing.

“Violent crime investigations are labor, time, and resource intensive. Partnerships like the one we are announcing today make sense, when a partner agency is in need of help, the collective task partners will be there to assist,” said Lt. Jeffrey Kazel, from the Duluth Police Department.

The New task force is made up of 13 Police departments, 3 Sheriff’s offices, and 4 state and federal agencies.

The agencies have been working on merging the task forces since spring of 2016, and it took around 8 months to complete.

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