‘Bag-It Duluth’ Calls On City Council For No-Plastic Ordinance

DULUTH, Minn. – Momentum is building as community members gather to talk about and potentially come up with a plan to rid away from using plastic bags and Styrofoam to–go containers.

The event Thursday that was hosted by “Bag–It Duluth.”

The group is hoping to raise the level of concern involving plastic and our surrounding water supply.

Researchers and city council members were present to answer any questions the community had about the impacts plastic has on our watershed.

Plastics found in the St. Louis River and along Park Point are just a small fraction of the 20 million pounds, researchers say, enter the great lakes every year.

If the city of Duluth adopts the ordinance to phase out single-use plastic bags, the beautiful place we live in will stay that way, according to Bag-It Duluth

“It is a beautiful place and that’s why bag it Duluth is asking people to come together to take some collective responsibility because this effort in moving a proposal to reduce and encourage reusable bags will help minimize the impact of plastic solution,” said Jamie Harvie, Bag-It Duluth Coordinator.

Backers of Bag-It Duluth tell us the first big step in their mission is getting the City Council on board.

“We have to start paying attention and we are calling on our city council to take action because this is something that City Council can do,” Says Harvie.

The proposed ordinance includes grocery stores charging a plastic bag fee to encourage re-usable bags and face out Styrofoam to–go containers all-together.

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