Saturday Forecast

Warm until Mid-Week next week and snow later in the week

The trend will continue into the weekend and early portions of next week and will eventually come back to reality later next week.

Current radar is an indication of how nice of a day it was. Sunny and warm

High pressure is surfaced in the mid–west and will stay for a while and continue to pump in warmer temperatures.

The west coast is getting hammered by another storm that will drop multiple inches of rain the next 24 hours.

Future cast will show some cloud coverage tomorrow that will break up Sunday into Monday and quickly change mid–day Monday as an area of low pressure will bring rain to our area and we’ll even see a chance to hear some thunder Monday afternoon.

The warm temps stay after the rain until Wednesday when well will see a gradual decline in our temperatures. Tonight we will see mostly clear skies mixed in with some fog here and there.

If you’re participating in the polar plunge it will be a rather nice way to do so.

Forecast high temps will be in the upper 40’s to lower 50’s again tomorrow.

Pretty nice set up for the weekend and early next week. Cooler by the end of the week with a good chance of snow.

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