Interest in Open Carry Up After Recent Events

But Minnesota and Wisconsin Have Slightly Different Requirements

DULUTH, Minn.- Some Gun advocates believe having your own weapon is the best way to protect yourself from violent crimes. But in the state of Minnesota, a permit is required to carry a gun, whether open or concealed.

Obtaining a concealed carry permit requires attending 5 to 7 hours of class learning about gun laws, training at a shooting range, and turning in paperwork. After that is all complete, it can take a week or two to receive a permit.

Mike Shupe (President, Twin Ports Munitions)

“If someone is actually on the fence of carrying a firearm, there are non-lethal options like tasers, mace, there’s all sorts of options,” said Mike Shupe, the President of Twin Ports Munitions. “But if they get to the point where they feel comfortable with the firearm then they get trained and it’s a fun hobby, it’s a good thing to learn, and it could save your life.”

It’s also important to remember that Minnesota and Wisconsin have slightly different requirements to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit.

One of the easiest ways to obtain a concealed carry permit is to call a store like Twin Ports Munitions that offers training. Twin Ports Munitions next conceal carry permit class will take place on Thursday.

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