Minnesota House Approves Sunday Liquor Sales

The bill approves the sale of liquor on Sundays. It still needs to be passed by the Senate.

The Minnesota house voted to allow stores to sell liquor on Sundays. Lawmakers passed the bill 85 to 45. It’s the first step in reversing the prohibition-era law. The bill still needs to go to the Senate.

The owner of Keyport Liquors in Superior said he doesn’t think that the extra day of sales will affect his business too much, because Sunday is their fourth busiest day of the week.

However he says it could possibly put a strain on some smaller stores in Minnesota. “The gain on the other side of the bridge in Minnesota, i don’t think is going to be anywhere near what they project it to be, as those shoppers are already stocked up and prepared for the Sunday close,” said owner Mark Casper.

The legislation would allow liquor stores to open on Sundays starting in July. Governor Mark Dayton has said that he would sign the bill.



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