Duluth Closes 85 Miles of Traverse Trails

Warm weather has left many of the trails in poor condition

DULUTH, Minn. –

The warmer conditions in the area have caused Duluth to close nearly eighty-five miles of trails. Many of the traverse trails are in delicate condition. The trails are wet, muddy, and prone to damage.

Cyclists of Gitchi Gumee Shores said that going out onto the trails in these conditions will lead to water gathering on them that could destroy the trail for future use.

“The trail damage comes in many forms, it can be your bike tire, it can be your footprint, it can even be your dog’s footprint. Anything that leaves a dent in the trail right now leaves it susceptible to long term erosion and long term problems,” said  Waylon Munch, COGGS chairperson.

The trails could reopen once another freeze sets in. The cyclists said they don’t typically see this type of closure and thaw until April and May. They rely on volunteers to clean up and repair the trails in the summer.

The City of Duluth said that ski trails are in “ok” condition, but some have glaze and soft spots. Groomers will go out on Thursday.

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