Deer Management Seminar

DNR Puts Plan Together To Maintain Good Deer Population For Years To Come

Duluth, Minn

Deer hunting in the Northland is a big deal and the DNR now has a plan to keep it that way.

The plan is a first of its kind in Minnesota and its focus is on maintaining a healthy deer population that offers recreational and economic opportunities.

Deer hunters came together tonight to discuss the plan that includes a wide variety of perspectives and define collaborative ways to enhance deer management and the habitats that sustain deer.

Those that came broke off into groups that were led by DNR employees to guide conversation.

The goal is to find ways to maintain the deer population and make it even better for future.

“Were really here to discuss that plan with the public to make sure were including the right things in that plan and also making sure we involve them in discussions about what’s important to enhancing the deer resource not just this fall or next fall but 10–20 years from now,” Says Adam Murkowski, DNR Big Game Program Leader.

For Northern Minnesota the plan will help maintain the deer population we currently have.

“I suspect that it’s going to provide guidance to make sure that were on track, we are a public agency, we work for the public and we want to have an informed deer plan so that were managing towards those goals,” Says Chris Balzer, Cloquet Wild Life Manager.

The plan will come together after 12 public meetings are held throughout the state.

The public is encouraged to join in on the conversation via email to their local DNR office if their unable to make a meeting.

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