Birkie Trail and Race Updates

Snow Is In The Forecast

HAYWARD, Wisc. –

Over 40,000 people are expected to arrive in the Northland tonight in anticipation for the 2017 American Birkibeiner Race.

With the recent warm week melting nearly all of the snow pack from this winter, trail conditions are on everyone’s mind.

Right now only the north half of the trail from Cable, Wisconsin to Trailhead OO is possibly ski-able on Saturday. There is a thin layer of ice covering 90% of the Birki Trail, but the 10% left needs to be filed in.

Lake Hayward has a river of water running through it and the shorelines are melted. That alone halts the race from ending in Downtown Hayward. This cuts the race distance in half from 51k to only 25k.

But no ski event at all will take place unless it snows.

The Birkie trail needs 3-4 inches of snow to accumulate in order to have a ski event.

9-10 inches of snow are needed to hold a timed race.

“As of right now, the short event looks likely with the forecasted snow.” said the Executive Director of the American Birkibeiner Ben Popp. “We’re going to try to pull the hail mary… We put Aaron Rodgers in… we are throwing it deep… and we hope someone catches it… and that would be mother nature in this case!”

But there is so much more to the Birkie than just the ski race, they call it “Birkie Fever”!

“Skiers are going to the expo and are seeing friends and having a great time. There sure is excitement in Hayward regardless! When you bring 40,000 people to a town of 2,000 it creates a vibe and excitement, so we are ready for whatever happens.” explained Popp.


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