Josh Emerson Continuing Elite Tradition

LCA Sophomore Cracks 1000 Point Milestone

DULUTH, Minn- The Lakeview Christian Academy boy’s basketball team has had no shortage of 1000 point scorers, and his past Friday they added one more to the club.

“Josh Emerson, sophomore, shooting guard.”

Josh has been a varsity contributor since 7th grade and has always had a deep appreciation for basketball. Now in just his sophomore year he’s already reached a career milestone that some only dream about.

Josh says, “It’s just a huge deal for me actually because I never thought that I’d be in this position and it just happened so early, it’s just an honor.”

But excellence in athletics is nothing new to Josh both his father and grandfather played football at UMD with his grandfather even spending a few years in the pros with the Jets and Cardinals.

Josh explains, “I’m kind of known for my grandpa playing in the NFL, and my dad playing at UMD, I’ve had uncles that played at UMD too, so it’s kind of been a family thing.”

As for his own athletic career, Josh wouldn’t mind taking the court as Bulldog either.

Josh comments, “I mean I think it would be a huge honor to be able to attend that school, it’s close by home, it’s a great school, their athletic program is really great there.”

But with still years left to play in high school his focus remains on the here and now.

Josh explains, “When the Bromans left I guess trying to get my team together, we’re trying to rebuild since they left. It’s been a challenge but I believe that we’re putting things together and we’re fitting the pieces, it looks promising for the future.”

Continuing a Lakeview Lions tradition.

Josh adds, “I was honored to be captain this year, and that was huge and just being able to help guys come along, new guys on the team its just been huge and I’d say basketball is one of the most important things to me, I’ve had great opportunities and that’s kind of how I got to this place.”

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