Narcan Cheaper for First Responders in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's Deal With Adapt Pharma Makes Narcan More Easily Accessible

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Naloxone, known as Narcan, is used in emergencies to treat people who have overdosed on Heroin or Prescription Opioids.

The state of Wisconsin has made a 1 year deal with Adapt Pharma that makes it possible for First Responders, state and local governments and community organizations to purchase Narcan at a 40 percent discount, when buying more than 48 nasal spray doses at a time. Superior Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Edwards believes this deal could be beneficial for not just for first responders, but for community members.

“Anytime we can reduce our costs to keep our budget down, it’s a good thing for the tax payers of Superior,” said Steve Edwards, the Battalion Chief of Superior Fire Department.

The Superior Fire Department started carrying Narcan in their medical bags in January.

The Narcan deal will reduce the price of two 4 milligram doses from $125 dollars, to $75 dollars.

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