Students Observe Trio Day at CSS

It's a Day to Celebrate Federal Programs That Help Underprivileged Kids

DULUTH, Minn.- Federal Trio programs help students with disadvantaged backgrounds get into college, and have experiences they might not get otherwise.

Congress designated National Trio day back in 1986. Since then, the 4th Saturday in February has been celebrated as National Trio Day each year.  This year St. Scholastica celebrated with keynote speakers, wellness classes, and workshops.  Students say the programs have been beneficial in reaching their academic goals.

“It started in 9th grade, you go until you’re a senior. They do a lot with college prep. We did interviews, internships, we visited schools. They helped us with scholarships, and it was a really great program,” said Brenna Bristol, a St. Scholastica student who was part of a Trio Program in High School.

“When you learn about college, you like to think ahead and know what you want to be, and think about that and your dreams can come true if you think about it really hard,” said Shayna, a 6th grade student currently in a Trio Program.

Trio Programs are for students 6th grade and up.

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