Advocates Start Conversation About Growing Drug Problem in Superior

An event Monday night featured two mock bedrooms resembling what a teen using drugs might look like

SUPERIOR – Drug addiction is on the rise in Superior and throughout Douglas County and a group of local advocates is hoping to spread awareness on the effects it’s having in the area.

The Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Community Coalition of Douglas County hosted an event this evening to inform residents about the increase in drug use and the impact it’s having on the community.

Advocates say over the last decade the average age for first use of drugs among children is now just 12 years old.

They say many people in the community are in the dark on this issue and getting a conversation started now is crucial to preventing problems from getting worse.

“We can’t wait for outside people to come rescue us,” said Betsy Byler, an outpatient and youth supervisor.  “It’s us. We have to do it ourselves. We want to start a conversation and provide some language for people to do just that, to try and intervene in our own community.”

Tonight’s event also featured two mock bedrooms resembling what a teen, using drugs, might look like.

The rooms were scattered with drug and alcohol paraphernalia some teens use, disguised to look like everyday objects.

It’s hidden signs like these one parent at tonight’s event, whose son is in jail due to his drug addiction, found out too late.

“He started to get into trouble he started to get into the wrong crowd,” said Schelley Faul, a drug addiction advocate, who spoke about her family has struggled with addiction. “By the time I found out he was actually using he was a young adult.”

Advocates say, while it may be hard to accept a loved ones struggle with addiction, there are services and support available in the community.

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