Speak Up and Speak Out Campaign


Duluth, Minn

A public forum for the “Speak Up And Speak Out” campaign of Duluth Health was held tonight at Central High School. Tonight data was revealed from 600 hundred surveys sent out to all communities in the city of Duluth.

It was a packed house tonight as Duluthians were able to sound off to the mayor and other community leaders on issues they feel are important to change.

City planners were also able to discuss a plan for the city that included some of the survey’s results. Among the most popular topics were equality, housing, roads/infrastructure and crime. Out of the 600 surveys received a large majority said that housing was too expensive and crime was a priority.

“I never remember five shootings in a year let alone five shootings and a fatality in a month,” Says Duluth Resident Richard Gatlin.

Mayor Emily Larson said that she was pleased by the turn out tonight and she plans to use some of the feedback during here state of the city address in a few weeks.

“You’ll see some evidence of this discussion in my state of the city in a couple of weeks. I will actually be talking more specifically about things like energy, housing and public safety and other things, some of the elements that were hearing about,” says Larson.

City planners also discussed with the community what they can do while working together to make the city the best place for everyone.

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