Animal Answers: Honey Bear Heads Home

The 9-Year-Old American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Spent Nearly Seven Months at Animal Allies

DULUTH, Minn. – You might recall hearing about a certain dog featured as Pet of The Week on FOX 21 Local News over many months.

After a long journey from the streets, to the shelter, Honey Bear is home.

“He’s a big love bug, he’s honey, but he’s also a bear,” said Josh Klimek. “I kind of fell in love with the pictures of him online.”

You could say Klimek was dabbling in online dating, looking for love, and finding it at the right time in the right place.

“I had actually never had a dog but I always wanted one,” said Klimek.

Honey Bear’s pictures popped up while he was browsing the web one day, instantly creating a visual bond between the two.

“He was adopted, and he left here with a family, and then they brought him home and they just discovered that it wasn’t the best fit. And that’s okay to do,” said Michelle Sternberg, Marketing and Communications Manager at Animal Allies in Duluth.

“I was leaving class and I got a call from Animal Allies and they said would you still be interested in Honey Bear, and I was like yeah, this is kind of weird,” said Klimek.

Coming to Animal Allies as a stray, Honey Bear quickly melted the hearts of many at the shelter.

“He really kind of became our little shelter family dog,” said Sternberg.

Typically, dogs and cats settle at the shelter for only 24 days.

“It is kind of sad when they leave so quick. We get attached to the animals that are here and they become our little buddies too,” said Sternberg. “We’d always give him treats and he’d just be hanging out behind the counter. I’d come sit with him every once in awhile!”

The 9-year-old pup spent nearly seven months at the shelter.

“They called me again later that day and said alright they are doing it today, can you come get him? And I said oh yeah,” said Klimek, Honey Bear’s new Father.

Having peaked interest in the American Staffordshire Terrier Mix before, Klimek jumped at the opportunity. The St. Scholastical student, giving the popular pup a second chance.

“I figured if Honey Bear, if I didn’t help Honey Bear, who was going to help him,” said Klimek.

Sternberg says “We were able to call Josh and say, do you still want to try this out?”

Nearly one month later, the dynamic duo is doing great together. Klimek also lives with three roommates, who also enjoy showing their new family member unconditional love.

“He’s never alone; we always have different class schedules,” said Klimek. “He’s full of energy! We had to get him the harness because he took us down a couple times on the ice.”

Klimek hopes by sharing the success story, more pets will be adopted in the Northland. As for Animal Allies, they would like to reassure the community, it’s best to be transparent in the adoption process, for best results in the animal’s forever home.

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