Bent Paddle Set to Release New Beer With Eastern European Inspiration

DULUTH, Minn. —

Craft breweries are known to be creative with their beers from time to time, and Bent Paddle is doing just that with its new series of beers called “Valve Jockeys.”

Named after the brewers that work day in and day out making the flagship beers that Duluthians currently enjoy, these beers are from the brewers themselves.

Brewer Bjorn Erickson came up with a recipe for kvass, a spiced fermented beverage that’s popular in Eastern Europe.

Erickson says he got the idea from visiting Ukraine.

“I got enamored with that culture and the very different ways to look at food and beverage,” Erickson said.  “That inspired me to take that idea of Kvass and translate it into a beer.”

Bent Paddle’s Imperial Kvass is a beer inspired by the low-alcohol beverage, and is spiced with lemon peel, mint, and raisin juice.

Erickson said he loved the opportunity to brew this beer inspired by his travels.

“I love Ukrainian culture and so it was nice to pay homage to some of my friends there and do something neat,” he said.

Bjorn Erickson’s Imperial Kvass will officially be made available this Friday in the Bent Paddle tap room.

Bottles will be available next Monday.

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