St. Louis County Unveils Renovations to ‘Historic’ A.P. Cook Building


A historic Duluth building that used to be a laundry facility has gotten a new facelift, and new life for the St. Louis County government.

The facility is now called the A.P. Cook Building, and these renovations have been four years in the making.

It used to be part of what was known as the “county poor farm,” but at a ribbon cutting ceremony, St. Louis County commissioners announced that the renovations are now complete.

The building now houses the County Extension Office, the Assessor’s Office for southern St. Louis County, and the county’s Safety and Risk Management Division.

Commissioners say renovating the old building was a better solution than demolishing it and starting from scratch.

“We have really tried to reuse old buildings, but also to get our staff into buildings that we own,” said District One Commissioner Frank Jewell.  “This is another example of this.”

Mark Monacelli, St. Louis County’s Public Records and Property Valuation Director, says the location up on Rice Lake Road is very convenient for residents who live outside of Duluth.

“The public can come here as well, [it is] easy for them to get to,” Monacelli said.  “They don’t have to worry about parking.  They don’t have to drive down to the city of Duluth.  This is very accessible to everybody.”

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