Study: Minnesota Millennials Stressed Over Health Care

Minnesotans Show Striking Generational Gap in Knowledge of Health Insurance

DULUTH, Minn. – When it comes to texting terms such as “LOL” or “BRB” it’s no secret millennials have no problem understanding what’s being conveyed.

However, a new study released by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota is showing stunning statistics.

The study show while nearly 80 percent of Minnesotans think managing their health is an important topic, far fewer are confident in knowing how to do so.

One in five millennials say they found matters of health insurance to be a significant source of anxiety, due to the lack of education when it comes to purchasing a plan that fits.

“It’s really important for everybody to really do their research annually, seek out the advice of an expert, and make sure that they are planning ahead,” said Jeremy Hoglund, Manager of Retail Sales and
Account Management at the Duluth Retail Center.

Hoglund says anyone looking for help with the three key tips is welcome to stop by the Duluth Retail Center, located on Superior Street.

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