19-Year-Old Pleads Guilty to Involvement in Iron Range Murder

HIBBING, Minn. – A 19-year-old man plead guilty, Monday, to aiding an offender after the fact in a death.

Sean Powers, helped clean-up the crime scene after his roommate, Jaysen Greenwood was murdered in May 2016, in Hibbing.

Authorities believe Powers lied to the police about his involvement in the crime.

Greenwood was stabbed and strangled to death before his body was taken to a mine pit and burned.

Powers is expected to receive a 41-month prison sentence.

His sentencing is set for April 3, 2017.

Nineteen-year-old Dylan Gilbertson, of Hibbing, is currently serving 35 years, after he pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder in December.

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