Rescue Dogs Find New Calling in Sled Dog Racing

Jim's Team is a Sled Dog Team Made up Entirely of Rescue Dogs

BAYFIELD, Wis. – Ryzo, a husky, lived inside as a house pet before being adopted by Jim Lynch and Sally Hedges, and joining the couple’s Sled Dog team, made up entirely of rescue or unwanted dogs.

“He came from a gal who had a medical issue in Ashland, who wanted to give him away and also give him a job,” explained Lynch. “These guys all came from different situations and it’s amazing how well they work together.”

When Jim first started running dogs, he had no intention of rescuing them. But after falling in love with a dog here, and a dog there, his family eventually grew by 8 canine members.

“I got these huskies through the shelter and other mushers that were maybe getting out of it, and that’s kinda how I ended up,” said Lynch.

But the Lynch family’s love for dogs doesn’t stop at their own. They even started a dog biscuit company with proceeds going to a local shelter.

“It makes me feel good. Dogs really enjoy them, and a lot of my friends thought it was a good idea,” said Hedges, who runs Racey’s Tasty Dog Treats.

Lynch has been running dogs for 10 years, and competes in the apostle island sled dog race each year. This year was Rizo’s first year competing.

It’s taken Ryzo some time to adjust from being used to lounging on the couch to becoming  a rugged sled dog, but now he’s a valuable member of the team.

“After now 6 months of being in the kennel and being a sled dog, he finally howls with the rest of the pack. It takes them a while to feel like they’re part of the pack and howl as one,” said Lynch.

And though taking care of so many dogs can get expensive, and isn’t always easy, Lynch says it’s what he lives for.

“As we say around here, on the good days and the bad days, for the love of dog. But I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Lynch.

If you would like to donate to Jim’s team to help care for his team of rescue dogs, you can contact them at their facebook page:

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