State Leaders Meet In Duluth About Immigration

Public Forum For On Travel Ban Impacting Immigration, Refugee's & Muslim Citizens

Duluth, Minn

Minnesota leaders and immigration experts held a discussion tonight pertaining to the executive orders put in place by President Trumps Administration.

The discussion was geared towards the possible negative impacts the travel bans have on immigrants, refugee’s and Muslim families in the Northland.

Immigration experts were brought in not only to inform the public on how to deal with the Trump administrations immigration orders and travel bans, but also for local leaders.

Local leaders say that just because our population of Muslims and immigrants isn’t as big as other cities like the twin cities for instance, It’s important to educate yourself on the issues some of our citizens are dealing with.

“It’s nice to have the immigration law center come up and offer some of the expertise, that legal expertise in immigration law to interpret those executive orders in a better understanding what the implications might be. So that we can proceed in a rational manner, instead of a panicked manner or anxious manner, we can understand exactly what

we’re dealing with,” Says Em Westerland, Duluth City Council.

Even with the stress the bans could permit. City leaders are happy with how local citizens are dealing with it.

“The key is respecting each other, and that’s the most alarming to me is to hear when communities are turning against each other in harmful words and attacks are being made. Fortunately we haven’t had a lot of that or many of that here in Duluth at all,” Says Carl Crawford, Duluth Human Rights Officer.

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