Trump Signs Revised Travel Ban

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump has signed a revised travel ban that temporarily halts entry to the United States for people from six Muslim-majority nations, who are seeking new visas and suspends the country’s refugee program.

That’s according to White House spokesman Michael Short, who says the signing was done privately.

The new directive aims to address legal issues with the original order, which caused confusion at airports, sparked protests around the country and was ultimately blocked by federal courts.

The revised order is narrower and specifies that a 90-day ban on people from Sudan Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen does not apply to those who already have valid visas.

The White House also dropped Iraq form the list of banned countries.

Washington and Minnesota both won legal challenges to the original travel ban last month, when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to reinstate the order after a lower court blocked it. The court rulings allowed refugees and people traveling form the seven countries on the list to enter the United States on previously issued visas.

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