Strong Winds Blow Across the Northland

From Tourists in Canal Park to Aerial Lift Bridge Operators, Everybody Was Feeling the Wind

DULUTH, Minn. – A very windy day in Duluth. There were reports of downed power lines, trees, and poles.

All over the Northland,  people in Duluth were coping with this gusty day.

“It’s really hard to stand an

d you probably should hold on to the rocks because it will blow you over,” says Yuliya Yukhimchuk, a tourist walking along the Lakewalk.

Wherever you were, whatever you were doing, it was impossible not to notice the wind today.

“Feels like you’re flying all the time,” laughs Yukhimchuk.

From Duluth’s iconic Aerial Lift Bridge, the wind is something to behold.

“We got the best view around for the most part when it’s going to be bad weather so it makes for an interesting shift,” says Scott Hill, a lift bridge operator.

Operation of the bridge doesn’t stop for wind or other weather, so the operators get to experience how the big gusts feel in the control room.

“You can feel you start shaking,” says Hill. “Like Mark said when he was up here, it was just literally shaking from the wind. It was hard to hang on.”

With winds gusting to 40 and 50 miles per hour, the National Weather Service issued a wind advisory.

“We always tell people, especially those in high profile vehicles could pose very hazardous driving conditions, which may cause harm to people,” says Justin Schultz, a general forecaster for the National Weather Service.

As this story was being shot, a street light blew onto the Fox 21 vehicle before it crashed on to the ground. Nobody was in the vehicle at the time and only minor damage was caused.

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