Woman Shares Eye-Opening Experience with Police Officer Through Art

Carla Hamilton's exhibit "Targeted" is on display at the Duluth Art Institute

DULUTH, Minn. – A Duluth woman is sharing a personal interaction she had with a police officer, and she’s doing it through pieces of art.

Carla Hamilton’s new exhibit, called “Targeted” stemmed from an experience she had being stopped by a Duluth police officer while walking downtown.

Hamilton, who is an African American woman, says the officer accused her of bothering the two white friends she was with.

After the eye–opening exchange, Hamilton met with Duluth police chief Mike Tuskin, and engaged in a positive discussion about having an open dialog between citizens and police officers.

“I make art about experiences in my life and things that are going on with me, my family, and my friends,” said Hamilton. “This is just, for me, another way to express my feelings and what was going on in my life.”

Wednesday night, Hamilton and Tuskin took part in a conversation about how the event helped inspire the exhibit.

It’s currently being featured at the Duluth Art Institute at The Depot.

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