Vikre Celebrates Anniversary with New Single Malt Whiskey

Iron Range American Single Malt is Vikre's 3rd anniversary blend

DULUTH, Minn. – Today is a happy birthday for Vikre Distillery and they’re celebrating with a brand new whiskey.

Iron Range American Single Malt is Vikre’s 3rd anniversary blend.  This release is a little more special, because it’s the first batch of whiskey distilled when Vikre opened.

“We sat down the other night with a bottle of it off the bottling line and we thought ‘wow we actually did it.’ It’s a pretty exciting celebration for us,” said Joel Vikre, co-owner of Vikre Distillery.

The Iron Range Single Malt was made with Lake Superior Water, local grains, and finished in port barrels, giving the whiskey a berry wine finish.

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