Nikki’s Notebook: Cyber Patriots

Team Learns Defense Against Cyber Hackers

National defense has become more complicated, attacks are now increasingly coming from a cyber battlefield.

That means a new way to train defenders, and a lot of that is happening here in the Northland.

Denfeld has a team of students called “Cyber Patriots” that train in defending computers against hacking and cyber attacks.

Competitive teams are formed at the middle school, high school and college levels from behind the computer screen to toughen defense networks.

Denfeld’s team recently took first in the state for the silver competition despite having only two students on the team. They went head-to-head with teams of six people and won.

Their coach says the small but mighty team is proof they have a gift, one that will be needed in the future. The NSA has been funding school competitions like Cyber Patriots to get young people ready for the real world.

“They’re looking for people to be our future in this age, because we’re falling behind. The other side is rich, and resourceful,” said coach Timothy White.

The students are also paying attention to those threats.

“China, Russia and different countries could easily get into the US or your personal info and try to take down the government,” said student Matthew Johnston.

On this new battlefield teams like Cyber Patriots are more than just fun in after class, its life lessons that may one day, help protect the country.

“This is their fight, we need to rely on them to become leaders, lead this charge,” said White.

For more information about the team, click here.

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