Mid-March Lake Effect Snow Storm

Over A Foot Of Snow Accumulates


As a low pressure system swung to the southwest of the Northland it brought 10-20mph northeast winds across the unfrozen lake.

Light snow began to fall around 5pm on Sunday night, from Silver Brook to Duluth. Then around midnight a heavy lake effect snow band set up southwestward from the head of the lake, south of Cloquet, to Moose Lake.

It put down heavy snowfall, 1-2 inches per hour and it persisted for 6 hours! Around 6am the band shifted to the south from I-35 to Port Wing and dropped 5″ in Superior.

Waking up this morning in Minnesota is dumped 13″ in Morgan Park… 11″ in Gary New Duluth and Fond Du Lac… 9.5″ in Jay Cook State Park… Duluth Riverside 9.0″…. Esko 7.0″… Proctor 3.1″… Duluth International Airport 2.5″… Cloquet 1.0″… Ashland 1.0″… and Sand Bay 0.5″. It all depended if you were under the heavy snow band or not, last night. If you weren’t, then you saw just a dusting of snow accumulation! It was a late and intense Lake Effect Snow event!

Dry air came in from the north on Monday around noon and dissipated the lake effect snow along the snow belt. This halted any further snow accumulations.


– Meteorologist Brittney Merlot

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